best wedding venues north west

Are you looking for best wedding venues North West?

In last week’s article, you may recall that we provided you with a few ideas and suggestions offering you some guidance when it comes to planning your perfect wedding. As one of the best wedding venues North West, we here at Eriviat Hall, love nothing more than being a part of your very special day. As promised, and in keeping with last week’s piece, today we are asking you, what is next on the list?

The below we offer some tips on the things that need to be taken into consideration during the planning stages of your wedding. The below advice is presented in no particular order, as each part is considered to be as important as the next. So sit back, relax and read on for part 2.

Double Check Those Pennies

It is important to make sure that you finalize your budget early on, therefore you do not run the risk of overspending. Ensuring that your finances are in order will also be vital to delivering the day of your dreams.

best wedding venues north west
“As the best wedding venues North West, we here at Eriviat Hall love nothing more than being a part of your very special day”


The Numbers Game

Okay, now for a different kind of number game, and perhaps one of the hardest parts of wedding planning, deciding who to invite. We advise that you make your headcount early on. It may be the case that you have to opt for a lower headcount in order to stay in line with your budget (see above). This step is also important to ascertain which venue to book.

How To Be Picture Perfect?

Choosing the right photographer is important, especially when you consider the fact that they will be capturing the magic of your special day. Good photographers will be snapped up quickly, so it is important to get them booked as soon as possible.

Over in our photo gallery, you will see a selection of photographs taken by some of the great photographers who have attended weddings here at Eriviat Hall, make sure that you get in touch for more information.

We hope that you found the information from our last two articles helpful. Do you want to know more about how you can book Eriviat Hall for your wedding day? Well then, make sure that you contact us today.