Your Wedding Ceremony

Wedding Ceremony Wales

Your Wedding Ceremony can be held in any of the rooms on the ground floor of the Hall of your choice.

Or why not choose outside, at the front door within the doorway of the hall between the two handsome Lions with the guests seated on the lawn?

The Coach House is also available for your Ceremony and can seat up to 150 theatre style facing the Georgian panoramic windows looking out over the Parkland!

The Ceremony Procession
This is when your selected party including your Bridesmaid’s walk down the aisle to the Groom and take their seats.
In a Christian Ceremony, the Bride is then escorted down the aisle by her Farther to the front and is given away to the Groom.

Opening Remarks
The local official opens with “We are gathered here today…”

Your commitment
The Local official reminds you the importance of the Vows you are about to take, Duties and Roles.

Exchanging of Vows
Your Vows are a promise you make together with people present as a witness.

The Ring Exchange
As you exchange rings, you may say, “With this ring, I take”

The announcement of Marriage.
The official will now pronounce you Husband and Wife.

The Kiss
The Magic moment with a round of applause!!!

Last Words
The official calls the ceremony to an end after a few final words.

The Recessional
You exit the ceremony as Husband and Wife back up the aisle followed by your bridal party.

What Next?
Your guests can gather outside on the front lawn of the Hall and partake of drinks and canapé’s while they wait for you to appear at the front doors to be called out to join your guests with sounds of cheer.

(Conwy Marriage, Civil Partnership and Registration Fees apply)

A civil Wedding is where the marriage wedding ceremony is conducted by a local council official called a registrar at one of the UK’s licensed civil wedding venues, rather than by a vicar or priest in a church.
Eriviat Hall is an approved civil ceremony location for both civil and civil partnerships.

Licensed ceremonies cannot be conducted within the grounds.