Chester Races Group Accommodation

Chester Races Group Accommodation

If you’re partial to a race or two then Chester Races is the event for you.
Chester Races is the highlight of the calendar and tickets for 2016 have already gone on sale.
The racing calendar in Chester begins in May with a three day festival from the 7th to the 9th.
This is recognised nationally and if you’re looking for Chester Races Group Accommodation? Eriviat Hall is a fitting choice.

Chester Racecourse is the oldest Racecourse in Britain and is still in use. So, it’s no surprise that a spotlight is often shone on the events.
After the initial races in May, there are another 12 days/evenings of racing spread out across the summer for your enjoyment.
So, there are lots of opportunities to stay at Eriviat Hall! Each different racing fixture has its own identity which ensures there is something for everyone in the racing calendar.

Chester Races Accommodation

Chester Races is something you should experience

If you’ve never been to Chester Races then you’re really missing a treat. A day out at Chester Races is a truly memorable experience for all kinds of groups; corporate bookings entertaining clients, couples’ day out or family and friends celebrating a special occasion. And don’t forget to don your glad rags! Chester Races is known for its unforgettable and glamorous style. Eriviat Hall is the perfect accommodation for Chester Races as it too oozes sophistication and style.

If you’re looking for accommodation for Chester Races then contact Eriviat Hall to plan your executive stay!