corporate event in Wales

Are you looking for to hold a corporate event in Wales? Did you know that Eriviat Hall, a stately home for hire, is also available for corporate events? If you are thinking of holding a corporate event in Wales this year, then look no further than right here with us.

Team building and corporate events in Wales are much more than just an opportunity to socialise with your colleagues and clients outside of the office or corporate environment. They can go a long way to strengthen working relationships and improve morale. It sounds like a good idea doesn’t it?

Believe it or not, some people hate the idea of spending more time with their colleagues than they have to, and the thought of spending time together outside of the office is one they would not like to entertain. It is important then to ensure that you choose the right venue to hold your corporate event in Wales. With us here at Eriviat Hall, we can guarantee that all of your party will love your corporate game in Wales.

So why choose Eriviat Hall as the venue for your corporate event or team building weekend? Well firstly, our location will be an excellent setting for your private party. Set in the picturesque Welsh countryside, Eriviat Hall delivers both privacy and an impressive backdrop.

That’s why you should keep us here at Eriviat Hall in mind if you are looking for a relaxing environment for a team building day or weekend, a change of scenery away from the everyday pressures of the workplace, an excellent setting for an important business meeting, or even a venue to entertain your clients.

You really can make a significant impression on your colleagues and clients with one of our corporate packages. Get in touch with us today to check availability and for more information on how we can assist you with the setting for your corporate event in Wales.