Country House Wedding Venues Cheshire

Country House Wedding Venues Cheshire – A Wedding Which Stands Out

Are you considering Country House Wedding Venues Cheshire , we here at Eriviat Hall have seen our fair share of standout weddings over the years. We know all about the hard work you put into the occasion, and the pressures which come with delivering a day that is not only memorable for you and your partner, but one in which your family and close friends will remember and cherish forever.

Each happy couple that chooses to have their wedding here at Eriviat Hall, all bring something wonderful and truly unique to their special day. With this in mind, today’s article will feature a few suggestions on how you can achieve a wedding that stands out.

The Service

We have all been to those weddings where we have grumbled at the service and thought how differently we’d do it ourselves, and that is perfectly reasonable. One of the main issues with some services is how long they take. Don’t get me wrong, it is just my opinion, but I believe a short is just as effective.

The Photo Opportunity

Sometimes going against convention can be a little fun, and fun is something you want everyone to associate with your special day. How about this for a suggestion… Rather than the traditional confetti throwing outside the church, why not have this during the first dance? It will make for the perfect photo opportunity.

The Meal

When it comes to pleasing your guests, food is always going to be the one thing that divides pretty much everyone. Variety is obviously important, but we are not saying that you need to unnecessarily splash out on lavish food to please everyone. Presentation goes a long way, and good food is easy to source. Keep the meal simple, with maybe a few options, and possibly introduce party food for the buffet a little later on.

The Evening

Plenty of booze and dancing will be on the agenda for the evening, but what entertainment should you opt for? Well, just like the food, this is often something which divides everyone. Not everyone loves to dance, and not everyone loves live music. Why not try adding some interactive elements to your evening, a magician, lawn games and even a photo-booth are just some of the suggestions that spring to mind.

A bonus tip from us to you… why not provide flip flops for those who love to boogie, they won’t thank you enough for the opportunity to dance without their heels.

Of course, you are going to need a special venue for all of this to take place. It just so happens that we know a nice little wedding venue in North Wales. Here at Eriviat Hall, we work alongside you to deliver the day of your dreams. Please consider Eriviat Hall as one of your Country House Wedding Venues Cheshire. Contact us today for more information on Eriviat Hall.