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Choose Special Night for a Luxury Wedding in North Wales

Are You Looking for a very special venue for your luxury wedding in North Wales? Well, look no further than us here at Eriviat Hall. You will struggle to find a better setting for your special day anywhere else. In today’s article, we will be looking at a very special kind of wedding.
When we usually talk about weddings here in our blogs we discuss how the summer is the perfect time to hold them, it is prime wedding season after all. We understand, however, that a summer wedding isn’t always possible for everybody. So how can you make your special day an occasion to remember outside of what is considered ‘the wedding season’? The answer is choosing a very special night.

Eriviat Hall luxury wedding in North Wales
New Year in North Wales

How about combining your wedding with a New Year’s Party? It’s just an idea of course, but one we thought would be worth sharing.  One of the advantages of a New Year’s wedding is the fact that the party atmosphere will be turned up to 11. New Year’s Eve does bring everyone together, so imagine being able to spend New Year with all of your friends and family, what is more, it will be an occasion that everyone remembers for years to come.

Why not provide your guests with party themed props. A photo booth or selection of disposable cameras will ensure that everyone documents your special evening. Furthermore, they will have great fun creating unique photographs.

Eriviat Hall luxury wedding in North Wales
Choose Eriviat Hall for Your Luxury Wedding in North Wales

Finally, you will need a very special venue for your special evening, and this is of course where we come in here at Eriviat Hall. We are the perfect setting for your luxury wedding in North Wales, guarantying elegance, sophistication and most of all the best atmosphere you could ever need for a New Years’ Wedding.
So, what do you reckon, do you like the sounds of a New Year’s Wedding? Speak to us today here at Eriviat Hall, your venue for your luxury wedding in North Wales, for more information on how we may be able to assist.