Stag Do Wales

Stag Do Wales

With a Stag Do Wales, there are lots of factors to Consider. There’s the Guest List; figuring out who to invite and who to leave off the Guest List. Is Tom going to make a fool of himself again, cause a row with Steve? Will the work friends be able to bond with the College friends?


Then there’s what to do for Activities; with a Big Group, it’s going to be hard to please everyone. So, find a range of Activities that the majority will like to get involved in.


Yet, when it comes to a Stag Do Wales. One of the Most Important details to nail down is location. location is the foundation of the Whole Stag Party. Get it wrong it can have an adverse effect on the entire Celebration. Get it right!! Everything will fall into Place.

Are you Searching?

If you’ve been searching for a venue for an upcoming Stag Party. Planning Your Own,  We have the Perfect Venue for You.
Eriviat Hall has hosted a Multitude of Stag Dos in Wales We’re looking to Host Yours!

What can Eriviat Hall offer you?

  • A Large Property Sleep up to 30 People.
  • Complete Privacy.
  • Accommodation Set in Stunning, Countryside Surroundings.
  • Option to Call in Our in-house chef to whip up Amazing Dishes.
  • Local Activities and Sight Seeing.
  • More than that, it’s a cosy, comfortable environment where you can relax and unwind with your friends.

Book us

If you’re looking for a place that Hosts a Stag Do in Wales, contact us for Availability and Pricing.

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