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With Wedding Venues Denbighshire we here at Eriviat Hall are used to seeing happy couples tie the knot all the year through. However, the tradition of the ‘June Bride’ is still as popular as ever. So in today’s article, we are asking, why do so many people choose a summer wedding especially at Wedding Venues in Denbighshire.

Let’s face it, we always hope for the best weather whenever we have a special occasion coming up, and a wedding is certainly no different. Nobody wants to see rain on their wedding day, this is maybe just one of the reasons why so many couples opt for a summer wedding, but did you know that the tradition of the June Bride goes back a very long way?

The tradition is thought to have started right back in medieval times, as the summer months were the time when most people were able to bath. (Remember it was quite a different era back then). Since then people believed that couples who marry in June become blessed with prosperity and happiness.

Summer weddings are famous for a whole host of reasons. These reasons may include better weather, to being able to get access to the best outdoor settings and even having better flower selections to choose. Summer is also statistically the easiest time for people to get annual leave, ensuring that guests have more chance of attending the big day.

So are you now considering a summer Wedding Venues Denbighshire? If you are this leaves us with one final thing to cover, and this is, of course, the venue. Eriviat Hall is a stunning privately owned stately home that makes for the perfect Wedding Venue in Denbighshire. Surrounded by the picturesque Welsh countryside, no other place has so much on offer. In fact, we are the ideal wedding venue in Wales, no matter the season.

Here at Eriviat Hall have all of the facilities to make your special day one to remember. Contact us today for more information on how we can accommodate you as one of your Wedding Venues Denbighshire.