Welsh Wedding

Welsh Wedding

How far into planning your Welsh Wedding are you? Having hosted a number of successful Welsh Weddings over the years, we here at Eriviat Hall know just how important your special day is to you, and so the task of getting everything right can become quite a feat. If you are looking to hold a Welsh Wedding, we may just be able to assist you.

Everybody dreams of having the ‘perfect wedding’, and who can blame them? It is after all the day they have been working towards tirelessly for the past year or so. There are a number of factors that work towards delivering the perfect wedding day, from hiring a stunning venue, to finding the correct theme, and everything else in between.

Nothing beats being in the great outdoors, and in today’s article we are going to discuss how you could have your very own outdoor summer wedding.

Summer weddings are extremely popular as everyone wants the best weather possible on their wedding day. When it comes to holding an outdoor summer wedding there are a number of things to conside.

  • Ensuring the location has enough space, for your guests and the set up
  • Are the correct facilities available for your guests?
  • Does the venue have the correct permission to hold the ceremony?

The solution to all of the above points is to come and have your Welsh Wedding with us here at Eriviat Hall. We have all of the facilities you will require, so just imagine holding your luxury Welsh Wedding in North Wales in the stunning, picturesque grounds of Eriviat Hall. We offer a range of wedding facilities aimed at making your day all the more special. Our marquee hire will be the perfect setting for your wedding.

Our marquee hire is just one of the ways you can enjoy a Welsh Wedding, with us. Get on over to the website today for the full range of wedding facilities available. We hope to hear from you soon.